Advertising information for is happy to offer any company the chance to advertise on the biggest wakeboarding website in Australia Currently has over 30,000 people visiting the site monthly, with very close to 15,000 of those unique visitors Currently offers a few different deals for advertising.

Yearly package - $1000*
  • Banner image on most pages of the website
  • Four news posts or classified listings (used items only) per month ($200 value per month)
  • Unlimited forum access

Animated banners are limited to four panels, and will be evaluated on the content of each panel
An example of this is if you are a distributor, you must have one banner for each major brand, but if you are a retailer selling major brands, you may have those brands on one banner.
This is to make it fair for all companies no matter how big or small you are.

News post $50*
  • One news post on the front page
  • One forum post (the news post is moved into the forum of your choice and can be used to interact with members)

*Please note that is not registered for GST, so although we do raise a proper tax invoice for Australian tax purposes, a GST amount is not included on this invoice.